Twister LT-1B has been replaced by the LT-1BR

LT-1B, standard with 5-C collet closer and foot switch

100 - 2500 RPM variable speed
5-C Collet Closer
Foot Switch
1/4 or 1/3 hp motor
120 Volt AC, Operation
Spindle max. TIR .0015"
Spindle through hole 1.100"
Spindle height 3" with feet
Dimensions 13"W x 10"H x 18"D
Weight 53 pounds
We manufactured the LT-1B from 1991 thru 2004, They were a great machine, and all parts are still available. If you are looking at a used one, look it over VERY carefully, and test run it to verify it is in good working condition. If it needs a motor ($600.00), or a spindle ($1000.00) it can get expensive fast. If the machine you are looking at has a plastic housing, it is a LT-1A they were made prior to 1991 I would steer clear of it.