5-C Collet Closer

The collet closer itself is the part of the machine which draws the collet into the spindle. This occurs as the closer handle is moved to the left by the operator.  As the collet is drawn into the spindle, a taper on both collet and spindle causes the collet to be closed or compressed. This tightens the collet around the work piece and holds it firmly so it can be processed. To release the collet (and the part) simply move the closer handle to the right. This system allows you to grip or release a part in less than one second while at the same time eliminating the dangers associated with rotating chuck jaws.

5-C Collets

Our machines use 5-C collets, the same ones used by most toolroom lathes. 5-C collets are available in round, square, hex,  and soft so you can cut them to hold parts of any shape. They are available in fractional, decimal, letter, number and metric sizes. They are available in many materials including hardened and ground tool steel, soft steel, brass and plastic. We do not stock or sell 5-C collets. Hardinge, Royal, and Lyndex are manufacturers of quality collets.

Each collet has the ability to compress roughly .015 inches or .38 mm.  The collet closer can be adjusted to close and lock the collet with as little as .001 inches of compression allowing the gripping of thin walled or delicate parts.

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