These options can be combined and are available on the LT-1BR

(H) High Speed Model - $200.00
It has a speed range from 0 to 3,500 RPM and is used for polishing very small parts. Due to the higher speeds involved this option results in slightly longer start / stop cycle times as well as slightly elevated spindle sound levels.

(UL) - Ultra Low Speed Model - $500.00
This Model offers a speed range from 0 to 800 RPM and has the highest torque of all of our models. It uses a 1/2" wide toothed belt and pulleys for no slip.

(TF) - Twin Foot Switch Model - $500.00
It has two foot switches one for forward and one for reverse. Most often used for  thread deburring and lapping as well as parts assembly.

(VF) - Variable Speed Foot Switch Model - $500.00
The spindle speed can be controlled through both the machine front panel and its special foot switch. This frees up both hands while still having precise control of spindle speed.

(220) - 220 Volt Operation - $400.00
Allows your Twister to operate on up to 250 Volts AC.

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