Replacement Parts and Assemblies

We offer both individual parts as well as complete unit assemblys.

If you need a electrical part such as a switch, circuit breaker, circuit board, or a mechanical part such as a belt, motor, or rubber foot, refer to the "Parts Drawings in PDF format:" at the bottom of this page.

If your Collet Closer or Spindle assembly requires service, refer to"Spindle and/or Collet Closer Assemblies:" and replace the complete unit with one of our unit assemblies.

Spindle and/or Collet Closer Assemblies:

Advantages to purchasing one of these instead of returning your Twister for service:

  1. Special Pricing, these units are discounted approximately 20%.
  2. Minimum downtime, typical installation time is less than 20 minutes.
  3. Latest design, you get all new components.
  4. Overall cost, No rebuild labor, no return shipping and packaging.
  5. Individual Spindle or Collet closer parts are not available.
Model. 500 $1150.00

All LT-1B models that use 4 bolts to mount(Serial Number 677 and newer) complete with Spindle, Collet Closer Assembly. Includes Closer handle, Serial Number Required

Model. 510 $1200.00 Early LT-1 Models (up to Serial Number 676, mounts with (2) 3/8"   bolts) complete with Spindle, Collet Closer Assembly and Closer handle, Serial Number Required
Model. 515 $1250.00 LT-2 and LT-2A all serial numbers, complete with Spindle, Collet Closer Assembly and Closer handle, Serial Number Required
Model. 700 $575.00 Closer Assembly, complete, Handle extra, fits only SN's 677+ (Headstocks that mount with (4) 1/4" bolts), Serial Number Required
Model. 710 $575.00 Spindle assembly, no Collet Closer or handle support brackets,  This mounts with (4) 1/4" bolts, Serial Number Required
Model. 720 $1500.00 Spindle assembly, complete with Collet Closer and handle, This mounts with (4) 1/4" bolts and is available for non Twister applications, No Serial Number Required

Parts Drawings in PDF format:

  LT-1B ... LT-2A... Electrical Components for NON -"R" Models ... Electrical Components for "R" Models

Wiring Layout "R" Models ... Wiring Layout Non-"R" Models... Schematic, Non-"R" Machines ...Twister Owners Manual...LT2-AR Dimensions

Drive Belt Information

Twister Speed lathe factory Service is available, However a return authorization number is required. Email us with the serial number of the machine and a description of all problems and or repair needs. There is a minimum repair charge of $1500.00 Non factory packaging materials such as crates or pallets will not be used or returned to you. Allow 4 weeks for repair .

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